About us

SK hynix has four production facilities, including Icheon and Cheongju sites in Korea and Wuxi and Chongqing sites in China. As a global company, SK Hynix also operates five R&D subsidiaries, and ten sales subsidiaries globally. Based on its 30-year-old know-how for production and operation of semiconductor business, SK hynix makes efforts to secure competitiveness in technology and costs and lead the global semiconductor market by conducting continuous R&D activities and investment.

Company profile

Company name SK hynix CEO Lee Seok-Hee
Date established February 1983 Area of business Manufacture and sales of semiconductor devices
Address of headquarters 2091, Gyeongchung-daero, Bubal-eup, Icheon, Gyeonggi, South Korea Products and services
  • Memory semiconductor
    DRAM, NAND Flash, MCP(Multi-Chip Package), etc.
  • System semiconductor
    CIS(CMOS Image Sensor), etc.

Semiconductor is a drive engine and a future of the IT industry

Semiconductors are essential to all IT products, and its performance often determines the performance of the final products. SK hynix is the global leader in producing semiconductor, such as DRAM and NAND flash and System IC including CMOS Image Sensors. Since pilot production of Korea’s first 16Kb SRAM in 1984, SK hynix consistently led the industry with smaller, faster and lower power semiconductor.
As the second largest manufacturer of memory semiconductor, SK hynix is at the forefront of the IT industry.

It is common to see people using their smartphones and tablet PCs. Those IT devices become more pervasive as new imaginative and innovative IT products continue to grab imagination and ‘desires’ of consumers. More innovative IT device such as smart car, keyboard and surface computer without mouse will enlarge the range and demand of the semiconductor.
SK hynix has recorded high performance by tracking and foreseeing the market change. On year 2011 base, SK hynix ranked 2nd position with a 23% worldwide market share in DRAM market. It has also a 10% NAND Flash market share. It also takes 8th position in global semiconductor market. SK hynix will strengthen the world’s top level of technology and continuously diversify the product portfolios.

Our Businesses


SK hynix, which has secured the highest level of micro process technology through continuous research and development, produces DRAM products with the world’s best performance and stability through strict quality control.
The major production products of SK hynix are PC DRAM used in PC/ laptops, server DRAM used in large-capacity servers of data centers, mobile DRAM suitable for various portable devices such as smart phones, etc. due to low power consumption, graphic DRAM used for graphic data processing due to its capability of processing a great amount of data at high-speed, consumer DRAM required for operation of various digital devices, etc.
We also offer a wide range of products that support the DDR2-DDR3-DDR4 interface required by our customers.
SK hynix aims to lead the global DRAM industry by developing products that meet the diverse needs of the customers by maintaining the best technology within the industry through innovative research and development. In particular, we consistently develop premium products of high-capacity/ high performance/ low-power that significantly lower power consumption with greatly improved capacity and processing speed in comparison to existing products.

NAND Flash

The application of NAND Flash, which was used as a simple storage device for MP3/ PMP/ digital camera, navigation, etc., has recently been diversified to smart phones/ tablet PC/ SSD (Solid State Drive), etc. SK hynix with industry-leading technology and market dominance continuously develops products with higher data processing speed and greater storage capacity in response to such changes.
SK hynix also manufactures the latest NAND flash devices such as MLC (Multi Level Cell)/TLC(Triple Level Cell), etc and also possesses products with a wide range of capacities from 128Gb~512Gb. SK hynix will provide the best NAND solutions to meet the diverse needs of the customers through not only the single NAND flash but also MCP(Multi Chip Package), Embedded NAND flash and SSD, etc.


SK hynix reentered the CMOS image sensor (CIS) business at the end of 2007. CMOS image sensors serve as electronic film and electronic eyes for a variety of IT and consumer devices. While it is a non-memory semiconductor, similarity of production process to that of semiconductor memories gave SK hynix competency to successfully enter the CIS business.
Applications for CIS are expected to dramatically rise in the future. With SK hynix’s CIS products scheduled to be adopted by a wide range of applications--including web cameras, miniaturized medical imaging equipment, and mobile phones—we plan to lead a new chapter in CIS market through high-resolution sensors manufactured on most advanced process technology to meet diverse needs of our customers.